Sunday, March 04, 2012

Passion and Attitude are more important than beauty, intelligence, physical prowess, talent, or peace.

Most of life is about maintaining our passion and approaching things with the right attitude. This is an area that most philosophies ignore, or treat only as a side notion. Peace is great, but passion is better. The key is not to let your passions burn out of control, but more importantly, not to let it die. Our world is a place that runs in cycles, and so does our passions.

Its our passion that drive us through life, and attitude that allows us to take it all on. Our primary goal should be to hang on to our passion, and maintain the proper attitude. Living is Defying Inertia.

All that we do, and all that we make out of our life in this world, comes from our passion to make these things happen, and bring our dreams alive.

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