Friday, February 17, 2012

The Pursuit of Common Sense

Living is defying inertia.            It is good to have drive, as long as you do not drive yourself to madness.                         Truth is the only real currency.           Nobody knows the real truth.                              The struggle for survival is inherent to our nature.                  It isn't that far to our barbaric past.                     You are the only person responsible for the life you live.                        It is that simple.                               Morality is the foundation necessary
to establish trust. 
It is not just a religious concept.                   No one nor anything is perfect, except perhaps God.                 Which is what makes a sense of humor so important.

The parents that raise you and - the children that you raise - 
are the best things - you will ever have going for you. - And the stirrings of our dreams.                                      The balance between women and men has greatly shifted.            Of course you already knew this.                        
Virtues take work to develop, - and patience is the key. 
Good things come to those who wait, but sometimes it seems the wait will kill you. 

Path of Virtues 
Patience           Empathy           Charity                  Humility              Forgiveness 
Path of Vices 
Paranoia          Indifference          Greed             Arrogance              Hypocrisy 

When we let others take advantage of us, we let them take advantage of the people who love us and everyone around us.           Stand up for yourself, it feels good.            Our lives depend upon the world we live in.         We are all in the same boat.       Addictions drain the joy out of life. Learning to control ones appetites is that slippery slope down which we most often slide.                         There will always be jerks to deal with.             We all play the jerk now and then, some more often than others.                   We have to take care of our minds and bodies.        I know you know.       If we want respect we have to give respect.               Another fine mess we get ourselves into.

When we must discriminate, it should be for the right reasons.        Things we catch ourselves doing.                 Charity enriches the world, keeps us going, while greed turns us into people who can not be trusted. Give and take a few now and then.                    Humility makes us stronger.                Humility may be the hardest virtue to master.                Getting things done is a matter of doing.          Theories are nice, but the ability to put them into practice makes all the difference.                                               
Hypocrisy is the door through which all evil marches.     and the blackest hole of delusion. 

Hard work teaches us discipline and tenacity. As much as we sometimes hate
 to do it.                          Boredom is a serious problem.                  Seriously! 

An idea is a genie in a bottle.               Where do you think that nuclear genie came from?
We live in a world of tangents.    Which often provide effective ways to avoid boredom.
True, loyal, and trustworthy friends are incredibly valuable assets.                 And even better relatives. 
We are predators by nature.                      Why pretend differently. 
Time continuously marches forward.              No matter how hard you try. 

 Our shared perspective of the world is how we identify reality. 
Our common sense perception and interpretation of all that is.

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